Antler Reishi

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*Please note, Reishi mushrooms take up to 12 months to grow.*

Uses: For use medicinally in teas, tinctures and for ornamental purposes

Reishi, often referred to as the ‘Mushroom of Immortality’ in Chinese culture, is a highly revered medicinal mushroom renowned for its potential to enhance longevity and overall well-being. Extensively researched for its immune-boosting properties, Reishi extracts have been found to stimulate T-cell function, enhance Natural Killer cell activity, and facilitate the maturation of Dendritic cells (Gao, 2004). Additionally, Reishi extract offers various pharmacological benefits, including anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, antiviral properties, blood pressure reduction, cholesterol level modulation, promotion of anti-tumor activity, and muscle relaxation as a central depressant (Hobbs, 1995; Gao et al., 2014).

Kit includes:

  • Myceliated substrate block
  • Humidity tent
  • Spray bottle
  • Detailed instructions

Additional information

Weight 2.9 kg
Dimensions 20.3 × 20.3 × 15.25 cm