Lion’s Mane

Our Lion’s Mane variety takes the crown as our top-selling product, adored by fans far and wide. Renowned for its remarkable medicinal properties, it is often hailed as a “natural nootropic” for its cognitive-enhancing effects. This strain is exceptionally reliable, consistently delivering impressive yields. However, it’s important to exercise caution and avoid letting the “hairs” grow excessively long, despite their visually appealing appearance. While it may look super cool, prolonged growth negatively impacts both the flavour and shelf life of the mushrooms. To fully savour the Lion’s Mane experience, we highly recommend trying our Lion’s Mane ‘Crab Cakes’ preparation method, which promises to elevate your culinary delight.

Kit includes:

  • Myceliated substrate block
  • Humidity tent
  • Spray bottle
  • Detailed instructions





Where can I find instructions on how to use my kit?

Step-by-step instructions can be found here:


No mushrooms are growing after 2 weeks, has my kit failed?

Depending on the variety, most kits start seeing growth in 2 - 4 weeks, but they can take up to 10 weeks to begin growing. Mushroom mycelium is a living organism and therefore can be slightly unpredictable. Keep misting twice a day and the mushrooms will make an appearance when they’re ready.

What is the liquid in my grow kit, is it contaminated?

The liquid which can be present in the mycelium blocks is metabolites produced by the mycelium. This is totally normal and is no cause for concern.

My mushroom kit doesn't look fully colonized, is this a problem and should I wait before fruiting my kit?

On occasion the mycelium will get disrupted during the shipping and can look uncolonized. This isn't an issue and your kit is ready to activate from the day you buy it.

More specifically, Lion’s Mane mycelium is very faint and from our experience produces larger mushrooms when fruited before the bag is overly colonized.

I see green / orange / pink mold in my bag, what should I do?

We guarantee a first flush of mushrooms in our kits. In the rare instance you see contamination before your first harvest, please reach out to us at with a photo sso we can help diagnose your kit. If there is contamination present which will inhibit growth or affect your mushrooms we will happily replace the kit for you.

After the first flush, the mycelium becomes more susceptible to contamination. If the mold does take over, your kit should be composted.

My mushrooms are pale, dry or cracking.

These are common symptoms of direct sunlight exposure or a lack of humidity. Double the amount misting to rehydrate them. It is difficult to over-mist your kit.

When I opened my kit, it already had mushrooms growing in it.

It sounds like you’ve got a very vigorous kit! If they have escaped the grow bag and are easily accessible, remove the growth and activate as normal.

How often should I mist my kit?

You don’t need to empty the bottle each time you spray, but it is important to get the area where you cut open the bag nice and damp! Try 15-20 sprays each time. It can take a little trial and error to get the frequency and amount just right. If the surface of the block seems very dry the next time you spray it, you should give it a bit more water or water a bit more often.

The plastic triangles for my humidity seem to be missing?

Your humidity tent pieces are packaged in the fold of the included instructions.

If they are lost before you manage to set up your kit, you can simply use seran wrap or cut pieces from a plastic sheet protector. They aren't intended to be airtight and don't need to be perfect by any means. The kit will also work just fine without them, just spritz a little more than mentioned in the instructions.

You can see what the triangles look like in the following video: