Chestnut Grain Spawn – 3.5lbs


Chestnut (Pholiota adiposa)

Flavour/texture: Nutty, earthy, crisp

The Chestnut variety stands out as one of the more approachable advanced mushrooms to grow, though it can require a longer wait time of up to 10 weeks before it starts producing mushrooms. The initial flush rewards you with magnificent clusters of golden-red mushrooms. However, achieving subsequent flushes may pose a slightly greater challenge, demanding extra effort and attention.

Recommended use:

  • Chestnut grain spawn can be used for indoor production using sawdust-based sterile substrate.
  • Do not use grain spawn for log inoculation.
  • This is not a mushroom grow kit. Chesnut grain spawn must be combined with a substrate in order to fruit.
  • If you don’t plan to use immediately, you can refrigerate your spawn for up to 4 months.

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